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Why You Need To Keep An Eye On BixBcoin


BixBcoin (Ticker: BIXB) is a peer-to-peer (P2P) cryptocurrency that was launched on March 15th, 2020, on its own respective blockchain. The consensus algorithm for BixBcoin is focused on Proof-of-Work (PoW).  MRM GROUP had also released BIXB via a total of 3,000,000 units as of this time.

To put it another way, BIXB may be understood as a cryptocurrency asset that uses blockchain technology to facilitate and support financial transactions that are independent of any governmental authority. It is reportedly well protected, fast, and has seemingly little to no restrictions. As a distributed ledger is often used to keep a record of all transactions, the coin explorer may hence be utilized to view the transaction history at www.bixbexplorer.com.


Some of the main features associated with this cryptocurrency revolve around numerous aspects such as that of its blockchain technology, security, transactions, and more. Like any other cryptocurrency, it is of the utmost importance to know what these aspects are before making any financial decision regarding a potential investment.

The BIXB blockchain, which is the foundation of the project’s infrastructure, is a prominent aspect of this cryptocurrency. The presence of a powerful framework, which has also since led the project to successfully become a multi-platform financial service with many positive prospects for the long term, is an essential characteristic that can only be observed among some of the cryptocurrency market’s best projects.

BixBcoin has also made a secure wallet known as ‘BIXB WALLET’ to aid with its functionality, and the wallet is now available for Android, Windows, Linux and the web. Moreover, Bixbcoin wallets, exchanges, and all supported platforms additionally have relatively low transaction fees, thereby making it a highly cost-effective choice in the eyes of countless investors.

Furthermore, BIXB’s source code is always available on GitHub for anyone who may wish to check it out. The web address is  https://github.com/Bixbcoin/Bixbcoin-core. In essence, the source code helps ensure both the stability as well as the transparency of the project.

Why BixBcoin?

Investors would presumably want to know why they should invest in any given cryptocurrency, and BixBcoin is no exception to this rule. In late 2019, a decentralized entity known as the aforementioned MRM GROUP presented BIXB. A distributed team thus gathered together from various countries in order to consistently work upon, support and ensure that the BixBcoin ecosystem’s security and independence is all but guaranteed for the future.

Even though the team originally published a roadmap as well as a white paper on www.bixbcoin.io, they were able to gradually demonstrate their support, commitment and personal accountability over time. Frequent updates, inclusion on reputed and reliable referenced websites, the absence of bugs in applications and systems, as well as their overall responsiveness seem to be the result of assembling a dedicated, capable and trusted team, which has since only benefited the project.


In addition to being able to profit from the price action associated with the cryptocurrency itself, BixBcoin also strives to reward its miners. Each miner is rewarded up to 0.01 BIXB in exchange for their assistance in verifying transactions as well as devoting computing power to solve difficult mathematical calculations.

Additional information about BixBcoin mining pool can be found at https://bixbminingpool.com.


Although the project has its own exchange named BIXB EXCHANGE, it is also available on the Coinsbit as well as Hotbit exchanges. The availability of BIXB on Hotbit in particular provides an excellent opportunity to reap the benefits of using a user-friendly platform with low transaction fees and no restrictions. On Hotbit, BIXB can be traded using both BTC and USDT pairs, as well as various fiat currencies. In addition, Hotbit usually has some attractive incentive investment projects too, and BIXB is now on that list too, with a reported APY of just over 60%.

The ‘BIXB 90-Day Lock Up Official Incentive Plan’ was made available for purchase on October 25th, 2021 at precisely 08:00 AM UTC. The initial annualized rate of return was said to be 60.6%, with the interest period calculated as (T+1) and automatic redemption occuring after a period of 90 days. The total number of BIXB available for subscription is 121,000. A Hotbit account can have a maximum lock-up position of 1,300 BIXB and a minimum lock-up position of 1 BIXB.

More information on the rules and regulations governing snapshots of the current deposit investment plan can be found at https://hotbit.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360024169934.

Final verdict

Although there are many other aspects such as ‘Loanypto’, the ‘BIXBPay Gateway’, the link with online gaming websites like ‘Toto’ and ‘Victory Games’, its incentive plans and the plethora of reference sites, the simple fact is that BIXB is quickly becoming one of the most sought after cryptocurrencies in the world today.

What’s more is that unlike a vast majority of other cryptocurrencies which have since come and gone, this cryptocurrency seems to have learnt from the common mistakes which take place within the cryptocurrency industry and market and it is therefore better off for it.

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