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Win Up to USD $750,000 in Shared Prizes at the Phemex Trader’s Arena 4th Edition


The 4th edition of the renowned trading competition – Phemex Trader’s Arena is offering new benefits and additional rewards compared to previous editions.

This event is an enticing call for all kinds of crypto traders to team up and participate for a pool prize worth up to US$750,000! So don’t miss this opportunity to team up and battle it out!

The two major additions to PT Arena 4 include the extra rewards that can be won based on funds deposited during the competition’s registration period, and the fact that all contract trading pairs will be counted for the contest. So a user’s USD and BTC trading accounts will both be eligible.

A participant’s ROI may influence their team’s final ROI.

Unlike previous PTA competitions, where only the inverse BTCUSD contract was counted, this 4th edition makes all contracts available on Phemex fair game for this competition..

Participants might end up with a separate ROI based on their USD and BTC trading accounts. In that case, the higher ROI among the two is automatically counted and used towards calculating their team’s average ROI.

Users also have the chance to win from the individual prize pool. Those rewards will be allocated by comparing a user’s aggregate Profit and Loss (PnL) across both their USD and BTC trading accounts.All participants are therefore eligible for both team awards and individual awards.  The main prize pool and structure remains the same, but this time an additional reward opportunity will be added for participants who deposit funds in their contract trading account during the registration period.

This event marks the perfect opportunity to ignite your trading spark and work together with other skilled traders!

Phemex Trader’s Arena 4 Dates:

Starting on Nov. 25th 2021, the Team Captain name and Team registration period starts. The competition timeframe runs from Dec. 9th 8 AM UTC to Dec. 24th 8 AM UTC.

Finally, from Dec. 24th 2021 on, the Awards will be announced for further distribution.

The total prize pool will be proportional to the number of participants who join PT Arena 4th edition. The more participants, the bigger the prize pool!

So move fast and start assembling your trading team and get them ready! US$750,000 in BTC rewards are waiting for you..

All team captains who successfully start and form a trading team will receive a prize based on the team’s size.

This 4th edition of PT Arena competition will also give out trading bonuses to those who make deposits during the registration period mentioned before.

4th Phemex Trading Arena Competition Format

Skilled traders with strong influence and knowledge can attract a large number of individuals to form a team. Team captains and individual traders can register to the 4th PTA competition here. Individual traders can freely choose which team they want to join.

For a team to be valid, at least 10 members must register. If a team does not reach the minimum number of participants by the end of the registration period, it will be disbanded and individual members get randomly assigned to other participating teams.

Teams compete amongst themselves. Final rankings will be based on the average ROI (Return on Investment) of each team’s top ten individual traders. All participants in the team will also be ranked and eligible for a reward in the individual category.

As explained before, team rankings are based on the top ten members’ average ROI, while individual results are calculated from Profits and Losses (PnL).
Please visit our competition page to understand more details about how rewards are calculated.

4th Phemex Trade Arena Award Breakdown

The final prize pool derived from the total number of participants is divided into two categories: Team Awards and Individual Awards.

TEAM AWARDS Breakdown:

78% of the rewards pool is allocated to Team Awards, and the top ten teams will be awarded:

1st Place Team: 25% of total prize pool.
2nd Place Team: 15% of total prize pool.
3rd Place Team: 8% of total prize pool.
4th to 10th Place Team: one equal share of 30% of total prize pool.

More PTA 4th Edition Regulations related to Team Awards:

40% of the respective team award is given to the Team’s Captain.

30% of their respective team award is granted to the top ten individual traders. The rest of the members share the remaining 30% divided equally.

If a winning team has less than 20 members, then the Team Captain receives 40% of the team’s prize while the remaining 60% is divided in equal parts for Team Members. In that case, individual trading accounts with fund transactions under US$ 500 during the competition timeframe, are not eligible for awards.


22% of the final prize pool will be allocated to Individual Awards, and goes like this:

1st Place Trading Individual: gets 8% of the total prize pool
2nd Place Trading Individual: gets 5% of the total prize pool
3rd Place Trading Individual: gets 2% of the total prize pool
4th-10th Place Trading Individuals: receive an equal share of 7% of the total prize pool

More PTA 4th Edition rules for Individual Awards:

Only single users are eligible to participate individually, the participant’s email address must be connected to a valid Phemex UID.

If an individual trader’s BTC trading account balance is below 0.005 BTC or USD trading account balance is below 200 USD, their initial net value will still be considered as .005 BTC or 200 USD respectively.

Finally, all trading bonuses and award winnings will be distributed and allocated after the competition is over. Don’t miss out!!

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