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Puppy Planet Blind Box & Second PUP Token Sales Completed in Minutes


The blockchain industry has featured many fun and profitable play-to-earn games — Puppy Planet is a new addition. The game integrates innovative elements from Axle Infinity’s smart contract games that give users a chance to generate their own NFT collectibles. In the game, players can buy and sell NFT pets as well as use pet mining for income generation.

Puppy Planet, which was deployed on the ABEYCHAIN recently completed their second PUP token sale, releasing 1.2 million PUP tokens, accruing a total of 100,000 USDT in just three minutes.

The speed of this sale is another sign of the growth of ABEYCHAIN, which just recently won “Blockchain Solution of the Year” at the AIBC Europe 2021 Awards in Malta.

The PUP sale was completed in just three minutes on the morning of November 12, with a limited release to 1000 ABEY addresses. Each address was only allowed to buy PUP tokens worth a maximum of 100 USDT (1200 PUP), and once an address was used, it could not be used again. At time of sale a single PUP token was valued at 0.083 USDT.

Via the sale, players also got a chance to own a rare asset — the first ‘Blind Box’ went on sale on 13th November — with 5,000 Puppy Blind Boxes total being sold — 3,000 Ancient Puppy Gacha (hatches Common Level Puppy) and 2,000 Legend Puppy Gacha (hatches either a Common, rare, Super Rare, SSR, or SSSR puppy levels). All Blind Boxes available sold out in fifteen minutes.

There were 75 different puppy images possibilities that could be hatched from the Blind Boxes. Once hatched, the images could not be re-issued, thereby rendering them rare commodities upon launching. Each Blind Box could hatch a unique puppy with distinct battle features and other random value elements. Hatched puppies could be taken to the farm or to the battlefield, according to Puppy owner preference.

To buy the Blind Boxes Puppy Planet players had to create an ABEY wallet and link it to Puppy Planet.

PUP tokens have multiple applications, including the ability to buy and trade non-fungible tokens (NFT’s), props, release earnings, and profitable pet hatching.

During the launch, 5,000 participating ABEY addresses bought a total of 7.5 million PUP tokens in a 7-hour duration. Available for sale were 500,000 USDT. The tokens were only available to users who had previously registered for the game and were thereby part of the Puppy Planet world.

Moving forward, Puppy Planet has said they would issue 180 million total PUP tokens, 90 million which will serve for game mining on farms and battlefields. 50% of the earnings drawn from official shop trades will be channeled back to the mining pool for reward generation. In that way, players will earn stable income whenever they participate in PUP mining.

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