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These stocks will benefit from Biden’s infrastructure bill


All eyes are on “infrastructure stocks” this morning as U.S. President Joe Biden is only hours away from signing the $1.0 trillion infrastructure bill into law.

How to play the infrastructure space?

According to Thompson Research Group’s Kathryn Thompson, companies in the construction materials space could be a notable beneficiary of the new infrastructure bill. On CNBC’s “Worldwide Exchange”, she said:

$110 billion is going to roads and bridges. That gives the state departments of transportation more visibility. When they have more visibility, they plan three, five, six-year type construction projects. So, there’ll be companies that typically may have had 12-month visibility, but now will have multi-year visibility.

A few names that she particularly expects to benefit from the infrastructure bill include Summit Materials, Vulcan Materials, and Martin Marietta. All three of her stock picks have had a fantastic run this year, but Thompson is convinced that today’s big event will clear way for a further rally up.

What other names does she like in this sector?

On top of these, Thompson named Arizona-based WillScott Mobile Mini Holdings Corp as one of her “best ideas” for investors interested in playing the infrastructure space. She added:

They’re on every construction site you can imagine. So, not only are they going to benefit from infrastructures, from the airport to roads to water, they’ll be where anything is being built. It’s a bit of a REIT-like name with incredibly sticky pricing power, and they’ll be around for a long time.

Other names she likes in this sector include the water infrastructure company Core & Maine Inc that went public earlier this year and is now up nearly 30%.

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