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Where to buy Rivian (RIVN) stock: it conducted America’s biggest IPO since Facebook


Rivian (RIVN) stock has been on the rise in the past few days following its successful IPO, which became the biggest American IPO since Facebook.

To help stock traders eying the Rivian stock, Invezz has created a brief article on what it is and the best places to buy it.

To find out more, please continue reading.

Best places to trade RIVN Stock


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What is RIVN stock?

RIVN stock is the stock of Rivian Company and it trades on NASDAQ under the symbol NASDAQ: RIVN.

Rivian Company is an American company that deals with electric vehicle production. It was founded in 2009.

Rivian is conducted the biggest IPO since Facebook’s IPO and it is currently working on building an electric sport utility vehicle and pickup truck on a “skateboard” platform, which if successful will support future electric vehicles and even be adopted by other electric automakers.

Should I buy the NASDAQ: RIVN stock today?

Yes. Most investors expect the RIVN stock to continue rising into the future.

Rivian stock price prediction

Following the successful $RIVN initial price offering (IPO), the price of Affirm Holdings stock is expected to continue rising into the future as the company claims a stake in the highly contested electric vehicle market.

$RIVN stock social media coverage

Rivian $RIVN IPO is very exciting w/ both $AMZN & $F invested. Big hype/new EV play for pickups, delivery vans, & SUVs. Today, they make just hundreds of cars. If in 4 years they manage to make 337k cars, 25% margin, and 100fpe, we’re at $139/share. Paying $120 today is too much. pic.twitter.com/u8RAWwQaNS

— Meet Kevin Paffrath (@realMeetKevin) November 10, 2021

So $F owns 12% stake in $RIVN yet Rivian priced IPO at a higher valuation than the entire Ford company. $TSLA pic.twitter.com/6VVQ99tbGE

— squawksquare (@squawksquare) November 10, 2021

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