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Where to buy Tesla stock (NASDAQ: TSLA): buying the dip


After showing signs of roaring back after the crippling semiconductor shortage, Tesla stock has once again taken a dip. However, most investors believe that the dip is just for a little while and once the semiconductor shortage is solved it shall roar back in full force.

To help stock traders eying the Tesla stock, Invezz has created a brief article on what it is and the best places to buy it.

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Best places to trade TSLA Stock


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What is Tesla stock?

Tesla stock is the stock of Tesla, Inc. and it trades on NASDAQ under the symbol NASDAQ: TSLA.

Tesla, Inc. is an American-based car manufacturing company that specializes in designing, developing, manufacturing, selling, and leasing electric vehicles and energy generation and storage systems.

Besides the US, it has factories in China and a current Giga factory that is coming up in Berlin, Germany.

Besides, vehicles, the company also deals in other services related to sustainable energy products. It mainly deals with automotive, energy generation as well as energy storage.

Should I buy the NASDAQ: TSLA stock today?

Despite the current dip, the TSLA stock is expected to roar back upwards and it is could be a good time to buy the dip.

Tesla stock price prediction

Tesla’s revenue is expected to grow massively especially once the various Giga factories it is building start producing and selling Tesla vehicles. This is expected to propel the price of Tesla stock to greater heights.

$TSLA stock social media coverage

Kimbal Musk unloaded $108m of $TSLA stock yesterday. pic.twitter.com/2xniuHINpj

— Ben Mackovak (@Ben_Mackovak) November 6, 2021

Returns, Last 10 Years..
Bitcoin $BTC: +2,092,923%
Tesla $TSLA: +18,725%
NVIDIA $NVDA: +8,742%
Netflix $NFLX: +4,798%
Domino’s $DPZ: 1,758%
Amazon $AMZN: +1,512%
Microsoft $MSFT: +1,474%
Apple $AAPL: +1,126%
Google $GOOGL: +896%
S&P 500 $SPY: +351%
Bonds $AGG: +34%
Gold $GLD:- 1%

— Charlie Bilello (@charliebilello) November 7, 2021

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