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Nicky Minaj Promotes Happy Hippos NFT


NFT, short for non-fungible token, is a modern unit of representation for digital artworks. With NFTs, one can own digital files through blockchain technology on a non-interchangeable model. Over time, non-fungible tokens have become collectibles that provide a public proof of user data ownership. Normally, NFT can be purchase via ETH, BNB, which can be converted into USD on crypto exchanges.

With the kind of acceptance that NFTs have earned in the market today, it has managed to attract users from all over the globe who are drawn to the innovative and collectible features offered by non-fungible tokens. Now more than ever before, people have embraced the digital space as an avenue for investing and protecting their data.

Traders, investors, celebrities and renowned starts have all been drawn to the NFT space. Citing a very easy example of this is the popular rapper, singer, and songwriter, Nicky Minaj, who came out very strongly to demonstrate her support for Happy Hippos NFT calling out fans to “help protect this endangered species through the power of NFTs”.

Meet Happy Hippos & go Follow @HappyHippos_NFT @Infinity8io !

Let’s help protect this endangered species through the power of NFTs. Click the link in bio @HappyHippos_NFT to browse and share which ones you’re looking to adopt when they go live pic.twitter.com/mx9783F0SG

— Nicki Minaj (@NICKIMINAJ) November 9, 2021

In her communication, Nicky Minaj announced to her fans the pre-sale stage of Happy Hippos on November 8 and prepared them for the official launching set for November 11. Despite the star rapper’s past bold moves, she has never supported a project of this kind before. This means that she must be a true believer in the noble cause.

Happy Hippos are a new entrant in the NFT space, featuring randomly AI-generate collectibles running on blockchain technology. With this NFT project, Happy Hippos living in Harmony in Africa are up for adoption for anyone who is interested in protecting this endangered species. In return, the adopter is rewarded.

Happy Hippos NFT project is a new launch in the NFT space, offering users with a chance to explore unique collectibles. The NFT collections represent an endangered species open for adoption on infinity8.io and happyhipposnft.com. The Happy Hippos live with fascinating and colorful characters appealing to adults and kids alike.

There are 8888 species that make for the first generation of Happy Hippos drawn from at least a million different varieties. Among these, are a class of cool bearded hippos, others wearing hats, costumes, and glasses going at an approximate rate of 0.088 $ETH on public sale rates. However, interested users can take advantage of the pre-sale price of 0.06 $ETH but this will have to be before November 11 when the official launch calls for public prices. Alternatively, one can also purchase the hippos at a low gas fee of between $3 a $50 on the Ethereum blockchain.

Adoption is by buying a Happy Hippo NFT, after which the owner is rewarded with a recognized certificate of ownership termed “Real Hippo Adopter”. The money used for the purchase is considered the buyer’s donation and is channeled to a wildlife foundation to help protect hippos in their natural habitats.

And, the purchase of Hippo will be a donation of the buyer to a wildlife foundation that helps protect them in their natural habitat. In return, the hippo holder will receive an official certificate of “Real Hippo Adopter”.

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