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Creaton: The Decentralized Alternative To Patreon & OnlyFans


Creaton has arrived in the scene. It is a much needed direct and decentralized connection between creators and their fans.

With Creaton, artists can grant themselves an unlimited means of income by trading NFTs through a subscription-based model. The Creaton project is conceptualized alongside what people refer to as Web3: content monetization through membership platforms.

Creaton is New Kind of Media

These last couple years, creatives and fans have jointly developed a tremendous momentum for potential growth through membership platforms.

But these innovative projects developed around the classic model that imply the need of centralized intermediaries, rulebooks and guidelines to follow and more paperwork related to liability or other legal concerns.

It was time this membership platform formula evolved to the next level. Creaton was born to address this problem in a completely different manner. Creaton is a decentralized and encrypted platform that replaces the subscription based membership classic formula.

A simple way of understanding what Creaton stands for is to see it like a decentralized competitor to OnlyFans or Patreon, but with the main difference of empowering the creator instead of having both ends –artists and fans– co-depending on the centralized platform that made the connection possible.

Total Decentration

A decentralized platform like Creaton removes the need of intermediaries that own the rulebook and apply central control.

Instead, creators can interact directly with their fans generating unlimited revenue for themselves without the need of any kind of third party or centralized authority approval.

An additional benefit with Creaton is also the utilization of cryptocurrencies as trading assets, granting access to an ever growing global marketplace based on the transparent, traceable, and decentralized blockchain technology.

The Creaton platform goes live beginning of November 2021, and will be available to any creator willing to promote and share their art with the world. As an initial stage, a selection of artists will be invited to participate for testing the platform and providing feedback for improvement.

The developers will reach out to influencers to attract attention to the new Creaton platform.

So far approximately 100 creators are already on board experimenting the Creaton platform’s features and providing feedback on shortcomings, bugs and QoL suggestions.

The developers team at Creaton receive this feedback first hand to make the adjustments and corrections so that Creaton becomes a robust and appealing platform of choice for artists in the short term.

One of the strongest arguments that makes Creaton so appealing is that its trading engine is based in crypto-currency and it is censorship-resistant due to its decentralized nature. Artists cherish the freedom of no such thing as an ‘editorial’ line to follow.

The first step is the launching phase by beginning November 2021. The journey continues with the need of expanding the user base of participating artists worldwide, as well as generating valuable interactions with fans globally.

At the Creaton’s platform, artists and fans will own the property of the art pieces through certified NFTs yet allowing the artistic content to remain available indefinitely to the world thanks to permanent storage solutions.

The Creaton platform is proud of having created the first ever streamed subscription model based on ‘Superfluid’, enabling on-chain cash flows without gas payments.

Another accomplishment the Creaton’s developing team is proudly responsible for is the integration of the LitProtocol and NuCypher, making Creaton the fully encrypted first-ever social platform to grant users’ and creators’ privacy at all times.

Creaton’s developers commented-
“We are very excited to finally release everything we have worked on for the last year into the hands of millions of creators and users and couldn’t be more excited to finally see what the community does with Creaton.io.”

The Creaton platform will count with its own native token $CREATE soon, empowering creators, fans and users within Creaton.io. More details such as dates and tokenomics for this native asset will be available soon. Once available, the $CREATE cryptocurrency will benefit users by becoming the anchor for the DAO.

The upcoming Token Generation Event (TGE) for Creaton’s native token $CREATE will occur in Q4 2021. A reward for the Creaton’s early adopters is scheduled to happen right after.

Finally, Creaton will also host an AMA together with Threshold Network to enhance awareness and generate buzz / momentum. Threshold Network became Creaton’s partner, newly formed on November 1st this year from the merger of NuCypher and KeepNetwork.

All of you interested in this decentralized Creaton platform, born to compete with Patreon and OnlyFans, should not miss the content on Creaton’s social media channels for further details!

Creaton Makes Connections

Creaton.io is a state-of-the-art groundbreaking alternative to the full Patreon/OnlyFans experience with the paradigmatic difference of being crypto-driven and censorship-free.

The initial milestone is the launch of the Creaton platform, but the developer’s team is working towards perfection with the addition of amazing features and fine polishing.

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