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Atlético Madrid’s Luis Suarez Partners with Ethernity Chain for NFTs


Following a sound success in both the buzz and huge sales of Lionel Messi’s drop of his exclusive NFTs collection on Ethernity Chain (the ‘Messiverse’ back in August this year), the premier NFT platform just announced their next big move.

This time, the groundbreaking NFT collection drop features Atletico Madrid’s renowned soccer player Luis Suarez.

Also known as ‘Pistolero’ Suarez, the Uruguayan forward player and gifted goal scorer currently playing for Club Atlético de Madrid in Spain, is known to have a close friendship with Lionel Messi from the time they both played at Atlético Barcelona.

Suarez, following his friend’s successful experience, also agreed on launching an exclusive NFT collection showcased by the digital marketplace Ethernity Chain.

So far the dates for Suarez’ NFT online auction are unknown (TBD) , but we already know the artists involved in creating the rare and exclusive NFT pieces for Ethernity.

These renowned digital artists are Impossible Brief (also author of the 4th Messiverse NFT art piece) and Visual Lab (author of Pele’s NFT collection).

Another feature worth mentioning is the addition of ‘unlockables’ to each NFT art piece in this exclusive Lluis Suarez’ collection. Unlockables are physical or experiential assets associated or bundled to an NFT to add real-world value to it, external to the digital non fungible token art piece.

Ethernity Chain is already known for featuring unlockables across every NFT drop. These unlockables play as an extra incentive for fans or collectionists and bridge the digital and physical worlds relying on the power of blockchain technology.

NFTs are NOW

Starting in 2020 and growing, the uprising interest on NFTs in the DeFi marketplace led several sports clubs to incursion in innovating initiatives based on blockchain technology to strengthen their fanbase with engaging offerings.

Prominent NFT platforms partnered with sports clubs like Atletico Barcelona or major NBA teams to ride the wave, but these initiatives benefited mainly sports clubs leaving individual athletes with no slice of the cake.

The pioneering individual move was that of NFL’s all time player Rob Gronkowski back in March, who was the first to launch his own digital art collection on a premier NFT marketplace, which sold for U$1.6 million dollars.

Ethernity is one of the NFTs marketplaces identifying the trend early enough to seize their opportunity, and hurried to partner with key players in a broad array of industries like sports, music, visual arts, technology and more. Fans and followers of these individuals also attracted a wave of new collectors to the crypto space.

We know Ethernity is responsible for issuing NFTs for football legend Pele and current global ‘best player’ Lionel Messi. This phenomenon is making football fans become interested in NFTs, the majority maybe not acquainted with blockchain technology until now.

Aware of the rising interest in NFTs among non-native crypto users, Ethernity released a series of educational videos and tweets.

These tutorials explained basics like how to set up a crypto wallet and the fundamentals of decentralized finance. Ethernity also made available a customer support center to assess newly crypto adopters with their needs.

Lastly, another interesting feature about the Ethernity platfrom is the possibility it gives collectors of aquiring NFTs with ERN, Ethernity’s native token. If a buyer uses ERN to purchase an NFT, a portion of the amount is locked in a liquidity pool in order to obtain benefits from staking.

Why Ethernity Works

Ethernity Chain is a pioneering NFT enterprise that auctions verified artwork from renowned artists featuring stars in sports, music, movies, gaming, technology, history, and entertainment.

In other words, Ethernity is a community-driven platform that produces exclusive and rare limited edition authenticated NFTs by skillful artists and endorsed by remarkable public figures of international attraction. A percentage of the proceeds from the auction sales is contributed to charitable causes.

Each of these non-fungible tokens (NFT) represents a digital artwork licensed, authenticated and secured over blockchain technology.

In a nutshell, Ethernity Chain blends the power of DeFi with the convenience of NFTs created by well-known digital artists to provide an exclusive pipeline of unique, original and collectible content featuring outstanding figures internationally renowned.

Stay up to date with Luis Suarez’ NFT drop coming soon, visit Ethernity.io to know more.

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