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Amazon is working at its Lab126 division to launch state-of-the-art gadgets


The laboratory division, home to the original Echo and the Alexa voice assistant, is back in the news. Tech giant Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) is working on designing and developing a series of new products and services at its Lab126 division. At a launch event which is scheduled to be hosted on September 28, it is anticipated that a launch announcement about the new products and services and details about the products will be made.

Here’s a list of the products and services expected to hit the market.

Echo for walls

This device works as a perfect smart-home control panel that can be used to activate gadgets, locks, and lights. In addition, user interfaces embedded in this device can display widgets for weather, timers, calendar appointments, and photos. The Echo, powered by Alexa, has a close to 15-inch display, can be wall-mounted or sit on a table with a stand.

Home Robot

If this device is introduced in the market, it will be a low-volume gadget high in cost. Amazon has been working on designing and developing a home robot for many years. However, there are doubts if the device will make it to the market, so much so that Amazon’s co-founder and chairman Jeff Bezos have raised concerns about its ability to function successfully.


Amazon has been experimenting with a version of soundbar that has a front-facing camera. The tall horizontal gadget that transports sound across the room, which is a soundbar for TVs, has caught the attention of Amazon. Despite the availability of Alexa-powered third-party soundbars, the tech giant is confident that its version of the gadget will give users value for their money.

Wearable push

Amazon is considering developing a more significant wearables push which will be different from the recently introduced Halo fitness tracker. It is learned that the company is considering introducing a model for kids and another one for senior citizens, powered with capabilities like detecting when they fall and monitoring activities. Bloomberg reported that Amazon is developing a wearable for kids. However, the development of both models of the gadgets is in the infancy stage.

New chips

A team of experts is working on new custom chips which will be used in the future versions of the Echo. The company is aiming to ensure that its software gels well with its plethora of device categories. Fully dedicated processors can help enhance AI capabilities, and this could be a step ahead from the technology it’s developed with MediaTek Inc (TAI:2454)

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