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Target workforce will put in five million more work hours this holiday season


Target Corporation (NYSE: TGT) is all set to cater to the footfalls at its stores and on its website. It is anticipated that the three hundred thousand staff will put in five million more hours at work during this holiday season. For the extra work hours, the company will pay an additional sum of over $75 million. In addition, target plans to hire around one hundred thousand seasonal staff this holiday season. The number is comparatively lesser than the number of staff employed in the last two holiday seasons.

Store workers can select work shifts on a mobile app

The big-box retailer has launched a mobile application for its workforce. As a result, target’s staff can choose work times, select an occasional shift, swap work hours based on demand and even change work hours to attend to other responsibilities like parenting or college.

Melissa Kremer, who serves as Target’s chief human resource officer, stated that the pandemic highlighted the team members’ needs for flexibility.

Sales are expected to spike at least 7% year over year

Retailers are gearing up for the holiday season. Sales in November and December are expected to spike at least 7% year-over-year. Three different groups, including Bain & Co. Deloitte and Mastercard SpendingPulse, have predicted growth in sales during the holiday season this year.

However, industry analysts caution customers to brace for more out-of-stocks, delays in shipments, and a slump in the deals and discounts offered this season. In addition, post the pandemic, due to understaffing in stores, customers must be prepared for long lines to have their purchase billed at the stores, empty shelves following products being sold out, and other challenges.

Target’s employees requested additional work hours

It is learned that many of Target’s employees have asked for extra work hours. Target’s Chief Stores Officer Mark Schindele stated that the group has considered the employees’ requests and has introduced stable work schedules. Some of the staff are also eligible for health insurance, among other benefits.

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