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AnySwap: Announces NFT Bridge Connecting the Ethereum & Fantom Blockchains


The cross-chain swap protocol AnySwap has announced the alpha Testnet version of their NFT cross-chain bridge connecting the Ethereum and Fantom blockchains. This is the first NFT bridge of its kind, designed to facilitate fast and easy cross-chain NFT transfers.

As alpha-Testnet release, the groundbreaking bridge remains, for the moment, usable for testing only. Users are invited to freely access NFT testnet tokens on the Ethereum Rinkeby Test Network and use the AnySwap bridge to transfer them to the Fantom network.

Claiming test tokens on the Rinkeby network is free, though transfers still entail Ethereum gas fees. AnySwap has posted detailed instructions about the process and is soliciting wide participation and feedback.

The Anyswap announcement falls on the heels of recent announcements by the Fantom Foundation that it is preparing for the release of Artion, a massive NFT platform and marketplace. NFT trading on Fantom has kept pace with the booming, broader market, and the community has been abuzz with anticipation.

Artion’s advanced, no-code platform means that even inexperienced users will be able to mint sophisticated NFTs. Artion charges 0% commissions, and minting costs are set at a fixed, affordable fee. As is standard across the entire Fantom network, transactions generally take about 1-second and cost around $0.01.

The Foundation has already indicated plans to incorporate Anyswap’s bridge into Artion. This integration will open an array of incredible opportunities to NFT creators and enthusiasts seeking to save on transaction costs and access wider audiences across the Ethereum and Fantom chains.

Major NFT markets like OpenSea, SuperRare, and Rarible are all powered by the Ethereum blockchain, where minting costs and transaction fees can run into the tens or even hundreds of dollars. Using AnySwap, users holding NFTs minted on the Ethereum network will be able to easily port their NFTs to Fantom and save with the near-zero transaction fees Fantom offers.

Similarly, creators will be able to inexpensively mint on Fantom and then access the varied communities of NFT collectors on other Ethereum-based platforms.

The AnySwap bridge arrives as the NFT boom continues. As Non-Fungible.com stats show, total NFT sales in August alone surpassed $2 Billion. As AnySwap and Artion move towards full release, they will surely add a spark to this red-hot market.

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