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Amazon is debuting its branded TVs in October


Amazon.com Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) has announced that it will debut its Amazon-branded Television sets in October.  The high-end Amazon Fire TV Omni Series and affordable Amazon Fire TV 4-Series versions will be available in a variety of sizes. Customers can purchase them from October, with prices ranging between $369.99 and $1,099.99.

Amazon to debut its TV

So far, Amazon has offered TV streaming sticks and collaborated with other manufacturers, such as Insignia and Toshiba in the United States, to create TV sets with its Amazon Fire interface. This allows voice control and simple access to Amazon Prime video and streaming services.

Interestingly Roku and Google have equally used plug-in sticks with third-party manufacturers, just as Amazon. However, Amazon is the first of these companies to debut its own television.

In discussion with CNBC, the company stated that it intended to build its own TV set to better combine its Fire TV technology with Alexa voice commands. The move also gives Amazon the ability to set its own prices, allowing it to undercut competitors as it does with its Fire tablets, which cost a fraction of what Apple’s iPads do.

Amazon TV connects automatically to home WiFi

Furthermore, the company will manage the experience in order to provide consumers with a “frustration-free” setup. Setting up is easy, and all one has to do is turn on the TV, open the box. It will automatically connect to the home network if you’ve previously connected any Amazon device to your WiFi. In addition, the company will provide an update soon that allows customers to control smart devices in their homes such as cameras, lights, and thermostats using a control panel appearing on the TV.

You can ask the TV to play any TV show or movie, check the weather, and start playing music, control smart home devices, and show smart home cameras on your display while watching without needing a remote, just like the $120 Fire TV Cube. Similar to Amazon’s Echo smart speakers, you can chat to the TV from across the room. Interestingly you can switch off the microphone by pressing the microphone switch at the bottom of the screen. In addition, you can install a webcam for video calls, which is now possible thanks to new Zoom support.

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